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Autumn in the Lake District

I am always looking for ways of improving my photography and so what better way to learn, than learning from an award winning photographer!

I had a fantastic day out on 12th Sept in Langdale, part of the Lake District, with Mark Gilligan, Winner of the Sunday Times Amazing Moments Section of Landscape Photographer of the Year,
"At the outset of booking Mark for a 121 workshop, I set myself a challenge of taking my landscape photography to another level and then asked him to help me getting there. Perhaps this was a little unfair, but he accepted the challenge and we met on 12th Sept to try and set me on my way. After discussing my existing knowledge and my expectations, we ventured out to Langdale and Blea Tarn, which was a fantastic setting, where he walked me through some of the processes that he utilises when composing and setting a scene. It is fair to say that these procedures and steps will help me take my photography to another level. They will allow me to work on my technical capabilities and also to work on my composition, in way that I would not have reached on my own. I hope I will do them justice and produce some photos that I will like (first) and hopefully that others (you) get pleasure from, as they do with yours. I thoroughly enjoyed our day together, some great stories and anecdotes, in between sharing your knowledge and expertise and pushing me and challenging me to put those learnings in to practice. I know that practice and getting out there in the landscape is where I need to be, thank you again for giving me a few more tools that I can take with me"

Now to put it in to practice, keep returning and let me know if you have seen the improvements i am aiming for

Chris J Ward, London